Day 8 Update

So… Its day 8. Beginning of week two of recovery.
Yesterday, against the best common sense of the nurses and frankly me, the drain came out. I desperately wanted it out, it was still collecting 50ml to 75ml every 12hours. The surgeon stuck his head around the corner of the door, barely coming into the room, and told the nurses to take the drain out. The looks that went around the room said it all. The girls took it out. I didn’t look. Heath tells me that it was huge what was i the abdominal cavity.  I was a lot lighter and felt free of the drain and I hoped for the best. 
I went to therapy and got on with my day , now that I could. Having a drain kept me close to home. MY abs got tired easily and so I took it fairly easy. 
Work up today, it was hard to sleep with a carpet wrapped around my middle. Seriously. can medical companies make this out of anything scratchier??? ARGHHH
My skin is still dead. I am able to feel touch, just under the skin is highly sensitive but the skin itself it numb. Its pink and healthy but no sense of touch. The nurses say a few months and sense of touch will return.
My lower abdominal is filled with fluid. Argh I slosh when I walk or move. I have to make a special trip to the surgeon. FFS. I don’t want to pop any stitches with the pressure of the fluid.
My right breast is still the colour of eggplant. Wonderful. 
SO here we are one week on. 
5th of feb

And today the 8th.

SO we have progress but I am worried about the fluid in my belly. Ugh. Lets see how it is in the am.



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