been ages since an update and there are various reasons for that.
the support I used to feel online from the people thought were supportive were until
I had surgery, and turned to the opposite. I got weird messages RE being a traitor
to the cause. My beloved body positive community, (Some of course, not all) turned
on me. It was the ones yelling about inclusivity the loudest turned who seemed
to not want to include me. If you want to embody positivity, you MUST be
inclusive no matter what the body size.

than have this affect my hard won mental health, I turned away from online
social media and took up real life.

found that my partner and my son enjoy bush walking and whilst it doesn’t rank
in my top 20 things to do (I am lazy) I do love spending time with my boys so
if they want to go on a 10km walk I am right there beside them. With the hound,
we have travelled the local area and found some very cool little critters and
some things I never knew were nearby. I have lived here for 15 years and I am
discovering some cool things. How lovely is it to enjoy your own back yard?

I started some prep courses for university. I have learnt how to write essays.
This is a skill I SHOULD have been taught in school. I write all the time but
essays used to terrify me. Odd as I am happy to write creative stories, blog
posts and write a daily journal but to be given a 2000 word
assignment and I used to break into a cold sweat. IF I had done a course in
essay writing, I honestly think I could have been permitted to do 3 unit English
as I wished to do instead of 2 unit French that I did for a filler. Ah. A tip,
if your teen is struggling, look up a coursera or other on-line course and get
them to sit through the videos. It truly helps. I am waiting for the capstone
to be opened for me so I can tackle an 8 page research assignment. I am raring
to go but I have a time limit, as my university starts on May 30.
I am
doing much better in my shopping addiction. I DO spend more than I should but
now it’s usually text books or something I NEED for a course. I have bought
only a few clothing items and those have been on layby so I have paid for them
slowly. (Thank you Kitty deluxe)
OK below are
some photos from the last weekend’s walks.


from Woosang.id.au http://ift.tt/26I6QfZ


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