NZ Curvettes – T-Shirt week.

I was lucky in that this T Shirt week coincided with me going on tot night shift at the end of it. I used to LIVE in t-shirts and there was a time when that was all I had in my wardrobe. Now.. I only have one drawer. Ben took the rest to make a doona cover of my favourites. He hasn’t had the time but one day πŸ™‚ LOL There were so many bags..

Monday I was off and Tuesday was corporate wear. So From Wednesday..

I love this tee from Pho Sizzle. I wear it all the time.. Of course for work I have a white cami under it but at home just a white bra. Its soooo comfy and light. 
Thursday was all black. ITS WAS SO COLD!! I had my warm leggings and this cotton soft tee with of course a cardigan and a hoodie I kept at work. You would think it was winter. BRRRR
Friday Started with this Target red tee. When they are on sale for $2 I usually get  heap. For work thought I changed to a purple running top as it was fleecy and the cold weather was still around.. 

Saturday night ( Sunday am aka NOW) Has this shirt from Society one. Its so soft and stretchy just like a tee shirt so I am including it. This is over sized so I have a US 14 on. It’s very long too. I can’t stress enough how wonderful this shirt is.  Plus gave me an excuse to wear my Hello Kitty belt. πŸ™‚
Hope your week was wonderful! I only have 2.5 night shifts left so WHOOHOO



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